16001 Niagara River Pkwy, NOTL, ON L0S 1J0

About SCBC

Smugglers Cove Boat Club (SCBC) has been an active boating oasis on the Niagara River since 1954.  SCBC is and has always been a Not-for-Profit boat club comprising of Niagara residents from all walks of life.  The club is situated on the site of a chartered Federal anchorage and has been long recognized by the Lake Ontario boaters (both Canadian and US ) as an inviting destination for relaxation, experiencing the beauty of  Niagara-on-the Lake.

SCBC is very proud of its history and its members of SCBC have always been and will continue to represent a cross-section of Niagara.  We are Niagara’s farmers, doctors, teachers, laborers, small business owners, plumbers, accountants, lawyers, electricians, office workers, pastors, police officers & firemen.  In fact, SCBC’s success can be attributed to its inclusiveness.  Every spring, as a club, we work together to assemble the complex and the gangway that connects to our federally-granted anchorage.  Throughout the year, we organize social activities that involve all those interested in attending.  In the fall, we gather to disassemble the complex, store the floating buildings at the Niagara on the lake Sailing Club and leave the river in its natural state, just as it was in the spring.

SCBC is community minded and undertakes yearly charitable events to support local causes.  Our club is self-supporting through the works and contributions of the membership.  Our mandate includes promoting safe recreational boating while maintaining the surrounding environment.

Through the course of the boating season, the club welcomes boaters and families to the club and anchorage who otherwise would not be accommodated on the Niagara River, as there are no other public facilities. We have reciprocal visitation arrangements with other boat clubs on both sides of Lake Ontario, but no boater looking to visit the area is turned away as long as we have capacity on our complex.

To be clear, SCBC is not a marina, as it is not a commercial enterprise, it is a nonprofit boat club.  SCBC does not sell gas or any other goods typically found in a traditional marina.  SCBC is a boat club which provides seasonal docking privileges to the general public who join as club members, as well as allowing temporary docking to other boaters from around the lake.

SCBC is also a formal “Port of Entry” for Canada Customs. We are publicly listed on the marine charts and with Canada Customs as an entry and declaration point for boats from the USA to report into Canada which requires land based access for Canada Customs agents to access the facilities for inspections. We are also used as an access point for the Police Department, Fire Department and other emergency service organizations.  We plan on continuing to provide this access ability at no cost to the NPC or the tax payers of the province. We also maintain the only road in the area for emergency vehicle access to the shoreline.