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Club News – Social and Club Events

Social Events  2018   

Check out our Events Calendar for more information!


May 26, 2018:            New Members Party 

Time: 17:30    Pot Luck Dinner:  18:30

Location:  The Boat Club House


DATE TBA:                       Pancake Breakfast

More information shortly.

Location: The Boat Club House


June 23, 2018:            Sail Pass

Time: TBA   

Location:  The Boat Club House


August 12, 2018:            Pig Roast

Time: TBA   

Location:  The Boat Club House – on the beach

Club Put In  2018   

We have refined our plans somewhat for April activities as follows:

First week of April, launch the Wally T at the NOLSC basin;




April 27 @ 1000

Purpose: is a half-day of work to ease the work of the 28th

Contact Bill S.

Location: SCBC   

April 28 @ 0800 is “all hands-on deck”

Purpose: for put-in with lunch served after work

Contact Bill S.

Location: SCBC   

Date Not Specific:

  • Launch the Wally T at the NOLSC prior to April 7th;
  • Find anchor lines for the clubhouse and mark before April 21st;
  • Relocate mooring blocks as necessary;
  • Install moorings

Bill  will have a sign-up sheet at the club meeting on April 4th (please attend!).

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please email Bill to signal your availability on the various dates, and your area of work expertise. Also, if you have any additional comments or concerns, please contact Bill and fill him in.