16001 Niagara River Pkwy, NOTL, ON L0S 1J0

Visitors: Covid Information

Our plan relies on our fellow members and reciprocal visitors using restraint and common sense in this unusual time. We are in the public eye and need to be cognizant of this at all times. Even on the walk from the parking lot, the need for social distancing remains. The government has increased social groups to 10 and has introduced “social circles.” Our goal is to open the club on a limited basis while attracting no negative attention.

Have your Cruise Director contact SCBC 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are accepting a limited number of reciprocal guests by prior arrangement only. Please have your Cruise Director contact the SCBC Cruise Director. Reservations can only be made by a reciprocal club’s Cruise Director.

SCBC Cruise Director: Jasper Zwarts

Email: jasper.zwarts[at]hotmail.com 

Note that drop-in visitors, without prior arrangements, will not be permitted access to the facility.


  • Members should consider masks or other PPE if it makes them feel safer
  • You should wear a mask if you are indoors and unable to maintain social distance


  • The kitchen/clubhouse is off-limits to reciprocal guests except for emergency reasons. The clubhouse has an AED unit just inside the west-facing door to the right. There is also a phone in the clubhouse and a marine radio.
  • BBQ’s are available on the clubhouse deck as well as a cold-water wash station. Please bring your own BBQ utensils (and a lighter, just in case!)
  • An ice machine is available in the Gatehouse. Bags of ice in the freezer. If not (we are a working club), please serve yourself and sanitize the ice scoop.
  • Both lavatories will be open, but on a “one in, one out” basis. If the main lav door is closed, do not enter. Clean after use
  • The shower will be open. Spray the shower with cleaning solution after use

Port of Entry

  • Canada Customs has reminded us that no pleasure boats can be accepted from the USA
  • In fact, if a vessel does arrive, we are to report this to Canada Customs @ 905-994-6334

In Closing

If you are sick or at-risk, or simply uncomfortable being around the club, please stay home. Remember, that authorities are still ticketing individuals and institutions.

Enjoy, SCBC and the Bridge

Contact Jasper: jasper.zwarts@hotmail.com