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At Smuggler’s we have a social culture in which we work together to keep our club running smoothly, but we also have an active social calendar and enjoy celebrating together.

Each year we host many annual events for our members to enjoy, as well as events that have community outreach initiatives. Check out our yearly events and activities below.

We believe that the social events are important for member cohesion so all events are either supported by the club treasury or operated on a cost-recovery basis. This helps ensure that all events are accessible to all members.

Annual Sailpast Celebrations

Each year we acknowledge and celebrate the “Sailpast” which is the nautical tradition steeped in more than 600 years of British Navy history. This is the event that marks the opening day of the boating season.  Each year we get our boats ready for the cruising season and meet to render a “naval salute” and celebrate the joy of boating and the comradeship of fellow boaters and friends in the yacht club community. We celebrate the notion that we are part of the global yachting community around the world, and acknowledge our inheritance of the history, traditions, customs, and courtesies and honour these nautical traditions. The Canadian Coast Guard and local dignitaries often help us celebrate the day.

Traditionally, Sail Past consists of determining the seaworthiness of our fleet and ceremoniously showing respect to the Bridge.

Our members take this opportunity to dress up our vessels & crew based on a fun yearly theme. We have a blessing of the fleet, Bridge parade, awards and prizes, and a party to follow with live music on the dock.

Organized Cruising

Reciprocal cruises are popular with our members. Reciprocal cruises involve an organized exchange whereby some members from Club “A” for instance visit our club at the same time some of our members visit their club. It is a great way to experience other clubs while having the comfort in knowing that there will be dock space for you.

Annual Commodore’s Ball

The Commodore’s Ball is perhaps the most significant event of the year. Held right after Haul-Out in November, the Ball is a semi-formal affair used to thank the out-going Bridge and welcome the incoming Bridge for the following year. Normally held at a restaurant or hotel, the event features a great meal, speeches, awards and dancing afterwards.

See Past Events

Each year we organize charity events to help give back to our community. In the past, we have raised funds to support “Red Roof Retreat” which helps to provide respite and recreational services for children and young adults with special needs and their families.

Easter Egg Hunt & Pancake Breakfast

Family life is thriving at SCBC, and each year we have a fun filled child focused pancake breakfast and easter egg hunt!

New Member Parties

Every spring we welcome new members with a party honouring them. The new members simply show up and are treated to a potluck dinner provided by the club. It is a great way to get to know your fellow members. After dinner, the new members will participate in the “famous” paper boat races!

Annual Fishing Derby

Another popular event aimed at children although parents and grandparents have been known to enjoy this event just as much. What could be better than fishing off of the dock? Well, following it up with hot dogs off the BBQ of course!

Gourmet Burger Fest & Live Band on the Dock

A feast featuring burgers with a multitude of scrumptious choices for toppings, and a selection of salads to choose from! Enjoy live music on the water as the sun sets.

LobsterFest & Dance

This is a mouth watering event! Lobsters, mussels, seafood chowder, corn on the cob, salads and much much more await. This feast traditionally occurs in September. Bring your bib and your appetite!

Pig Roast & Dance

Every August we organize a pig roast; roasted on the beach and enjoyed on the club. For our cooks, (all members of course!) this is an all day event and the result is always excellent. The feast is complemented with salad and sides and normally musical entertainment after dinner.

Wheel & Vine

Every fall around the time of the Wine Festival, our members organize a bicycle tour of local wineries and follow it up with a wine and cheese party at the club. Members share appetizers and enjoy their wine with the fall colours just starting.

Pub Night in Niagara Falls

An opportunity for members to touch base during the winter months; share some good food, good beverages and some laughs.

Floatilla Parties

Casually drift down the Niagara River, rafted to you favourite friends. Enjoy sunshine, swimming, water, great scenery and a relaxing afternoon with others.

Karaoke Nights

Impromptu karaoke nights have been known to occur at SCBC when the moon is just right!

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