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Welcome to Smugglers!

We are fun and family inclusive.

A safe enjoyable atmosphere to enjoy your time how you choose; boating, socializing, relaxing and/or spending time with family! Children can have fun fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking  in the water on our beachfront.

We are a Working Club

We are a working club, so it is important that you understand that membership comes with work obligations and the code of conduct outlined in our bylaws.

The club has a variety of work parties to keep the club in tip top condition. You will be required to commit twenty (25) hours per season to club work. This will include club put-in and haul-out as well as cleaning duties.

Should you exceed the twenty five (25) hour minimum, a credit will be applied to the next season’s dock fees.  Basically a win-win situation.

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Member Onboarding Process

Application Submission

Once you've decided to become a member, you must first complete our application form. It is important to fill out all of the sections to the best of your ability, as completeness is one of the first things we evaluate.

Interview Process

Once our Orientation Committee receives your application, they will review it and reach out to you. You may be invited for an “Orientation Interview” to learn what our boating club is all about and to see if you would enjoy what we have to offer.

Voting Process

Once you've completed your interview and club briefing, our Committee will present your application to the Bridge. Input from current club members will be invited. Current club members will be allowed 10 days to submit comments regarding the acceptance of the new member’s application to the Bridge. Once reviewed, the Bridge will vote on the feasibility of accepting the new member to the club and the member will then be sworn in at the following club meeting.

Membership Checklist

  • Submit a completed application
  • Participate in an interview with the orientation committee
  • Be voted in


  • Pay all associated fees and dues
  • Contribute 25hrs of personal time toward club work projects
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Help with Put in and Haul Out activities
  • Uphold the clubs code of conduct

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Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Lend a Hand

Working together is an integral part of Smuggler's Cove. There are many committees to join and our collective skills and interests drive the club.

Time To Put In

We are a floating club connected to a mooring site leased from the Niagara Parks Commission. Due to the change in seasons, the club is assembled in the spring and dismantled in the fall.

Enjoy the spoils

Boating and the Niagara Scenery is the reason people join, however, friendships, memories, activities, food and drinks are part of the club experience we enjoy.

Capacity Limits

At SCBC, we have a maximum membership of 85 and we currently have a few open membership slots. If you are interested for this season, it would be best to inquire as soon as possible if you wish to secure a spot for this boating season. There is a system to the dock assignment and dock ownership process. Docks are assigned on a seniority basis so the sooner an application is submitted and approved, the sooner a new member will be sworn in, and thus the better likelihood that the new member will be issued either a slip, or a mooring ball.  Please read more about dock assignment below.

Boat size

We also have a limit on the size of boat allowed on the main complex of 30’ long including the swim platform and bow sprit. Larger boats can go on a mooring ball if one is available, and if the appropriate tackle is available for the size/weight of the vessel.

Code of Conduct

SCBC is very proud of its history. Members of SCBC have always been and will continue to represent a cross-section of Niagara. We are Niagara’s farmers, doctors, teachers, laborers, small business owners, plumbers, accountants, lawyers, electricians, office workers, pastors, police officers & fire fighters. In fact, SCBC’s success can be attributed to its inclusiveness. Like any club we strive to maintain a healthy and friendly environment. We are governed by the following simple rules:

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  • Members shall refrain from any behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment;
  • Members shall not engage in the excessive use of alcohol or drugs in a way that becomes a nuisance or creates a disturbance;
  • Rude or dangerous language, conduct and misbehaviour on club premises shall result in any member or guest being denied entry to Club premises or being escorted to the shore; and
  • In keeping with our Lease Agreement, Members shall observe all relevant sections of the Niagara Parks Commission Code of Conduct.

Fees Structure

New Members

Club fees are very reasonable compared to many of the marinas and clubs in the Niagara Region. When you initially join your fees will be the following:

  • Initiation fee $1000
  • Membership $700

Fees must be paid in full when accepted.  All fees maybe paid through an e-transfer to our account at the Meridian Credit Union (MCU).

Membership Fees

Annual dues are $700.00 (fees are voted on each year).

Docking Fees

The dock hopper fee is $10.00 per day to a maximum of $400.00 When you become a dock holder the fee is $400.00 per year.

Working Hours Dues

As mentioned, we are also a working club and each member is required to put in a minimum of 25 hours per year to support the operation of the club. Every hour over the 25 mandatory work hours you put in will deduct $10.00 off of your dock / dock hopper fees to a maximum of $ 320 deduction.

Dock Assignment

You will be a dock hopper until a permanent dock is assigned to you.  From time to time, some members do not need their slip, either because they do not currently have a boat, or are away on trips for all or part of the season.

Available docks are assigned on a dock hopper seniority basis. New members are added to the bottom of the seniority list as they are voted in. Sometimes there are docks available, however sometimes there is a waiting list.  Usually all of the dock hoppers are able to get a placement for the year, but new members need to understand there is no guarantee. As the season and years progress, and dock hoppers at the top of the list get assigned permanent docks, you will move up in seniority.

We typically have a 4 to 6 member turnover each year making new docks available.  When you make it to the top of the dock hoppers list and a permanent dock becomes available it will be offered to you. If you accept, you will become a dock holder.

Club Safety

While on the SCBC complex, please follow the following safety rules, guidelines and recommendations. Water safety is paramount as we are on a river with a current. You will be responsible for your children’s safety.

  • Children 12 and under must wear a properly secured, life jacket at all times, unless seated with their supervising adult in the clubhouse or on the dining deck.
  • Running and rough play is not permitted on the complex.
  • Swimming is permitted off the up and down river swim platforms, and off the beach, but no swimming is permitted off a docked boat, or swimming / drifting behind the docked boats.
  • Be aware of the speed and direction of the current when heading out or docking your boat, and especially if swimming off the up or down river swim platforms.
  • Life rings are in place for your use. If you find yourself caught by the current moving you away from the swim platform, consider going with the current and swim to shore rather than fighting the current.
  • As our complex is all floating, when walking on the main walkways or fingers, always be aware of a possible wake from passing boats that may make the docks unstable as the wake passes.
  • As a courtesy, members always help other members and guests when docking. If you notice a boat coming in, please assist them.
  • When you are finished using the BBQ please turn the propane off at the tank.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times, and under owners’ control while on the complex. As a courtesy, dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse at any time, or on the complex where people are dining.
Smuggler's Cove Boat Club